Hi, I'm Chris and I am a postgraduate computer science student currently studying at the University of Lincoln. I have a big interest in robotics, web development and games design, but also dabble in Arduino microcontrollers.

Want to get in contact? The fastest way is probably my Twitter or emailing me at minichris502<at>gmail.co.uk.


  1. How to make a Minecraft Modpack It is NOT just slapping .jars in a folder...
  2. Discord MusicBot on an original Raspberry Pi You will want to follow this guide if you don't want it to take 3 days of debugging.
  3. A Very Quick Guide on Implementing Gameplay Systems in Unreal Editor 4 Blueprint Or... How to Tack Code to Things that Don’t Easily Allow Code to be Tacked to Them
  4. Making an Arduino MIDI controller Making my own MIDI pad.
  5. Software I Use People sometimes ask me what software I use. Here is a list!
  6. The trials and tribulations of sending POST data to an Arduino This tutorial / extended blog post was going to be part of a series on how to use an Arduino to remotely turn on a computer, which I may finish at a later date.
  7. Building an Arduino robot This is part of a series of blog posts on how to build a tracked Arduino robot.