I also have projects which don't have a write-up post. Check them out below!

  1. Eddsworld

    I worked with the Eddsworld team (mainly Christopher Bingham) to create Wordpress Theme for the new Eddsworld website. Check it out here!

  2. I ♥ MY SUB BOX

    I was commissioned by Christopher Bingham to create a web app with one purpose - displaying all the Youtube videos from the user’s subscription feed. It works on mobile, is hella fast, and you can find it here.

  3. A Game to Teach Game Design

    This was my dissertation as part of my third year of BSc Computer Science at the University of Lincoln. I hope to one day do a tl;dr write up of it, but for those of you who want it now, here it is.

  4. ZapRetroUI

    When Blizzard's World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth dropped, many people were not pleased with the changes to the UI which had been the same for about a decade and a half, without and easy option to switch it back. For this reason, I created an addon which is a fairly faithful representation of how the UI looked before.

  5. T4.msi

    While working on a Hearts of Iron 4 mod called "Hearts of Azeroth", I wanted to be able to create basic scripts which could be processed back down into Paradox's game scripting language. This was because their langauge requires a lot of repetition due to a lack of ability to create useful methods or subroutines. For this reason, I used the T4 templating engine, which ships with Visual Studio to do a bit of automatic programming. This worked well for me, as I had the system set up to be able to run the templating engine, "TextTransform.exe" from the right-click context menu on ".tt" files. However, this wasn't good for the rest of the team, who either didn't know how or couldn't be bothered to set up there systems to run the template files from the command line, or didn't have Visual Studio installed in the first place. For this reason, I made "T4.msi". I say "made", really I just slapped a basic Visual Studio ".msi" installer on the T4 implementation built by the Mono team. This both installs the .exe like any other program, and also adds a "Run" command to the context menu for .tt files. This makes using it a lot simpler for everyone to install it without having to build it, or get it alongside another program.

  6. Warlockbox

    Warlockbox is an addon I wrote for World of Warcraft. It’s written in Lua, and it's available on Curse. While it was fairly popular, it is no longer needed due to the class changes in the latest expansion.

  7. TopBanter.Net

    TopBanter.Net is a video sharing website which I built a couple of years ago. No longer under active maintenance.

  8. Global File Context Menu Editor

    GFCME is a little program I wrote as a first year when we were first told we needed to write something with Windows forms and I wanted to learn a little before we got stuck in on the main project. It allows the user to edit the Windows global file context menu (aka the right click menu for all files). This can allow you to combine it with command line programs such as FFmpeg to add useful options to your right click menu, such as one-click converting to a .mp4, also it’s written in C# and available on GitHub. Warning: written by first-year me.

  9. 3D Designs and Printing

    I've done a bit of 3D printing, some of which I designed myself! You can see these on Thingiverse.